Jools Holland
The Informer

  • Release date: November 17, 2008

Following the successful series of Jools Holland and Friends albums this infectious musical force decided it was time to bring focus back to the strength of the 20 piece Rhythm & Blues Orchestra. A true showcase in musicianship with its classic horn and rhythm sections plus Jools unique piano playing the 17-track album reflects the party atmosphere of their ever popular live shows. Opening with the soulful title trackfeaturing the smooth tones of vocalist Ruby Turner Jools Holland & co quickly establish the beginnings of an eclectic big band party; along with the gentle string led anthemic I Went By showcasing a timeless soul vocal provided by Louise Marshall and the traditional I Know Where I Am Going with Rico Rodriguez [famed Jamaican ska and reggae trombonist and member of the Rhythm & Blues Orchestra]. Complete with a Bonus CD of exclusive live recordings from Wells & Rochester Cathedrals.)

“I’ve been fortunate to work with some of the greatest singers in the world. I can truthfully say that Louise Clare Marshall is one of these”
Jools Holland.

Track Listing

  1. 1

    I Went By

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    I Went By

    I went by St Joseph's boxing club
    I went by the private shop
    I went by the things that we had done
    I went by old johnsfords shop
    I went by the steamy windows
    I went by the open door
    I went by the public houses
    I went by the docks and wharves
    Jump back when you call me
    I counted 1,2,3
    I wondered were you all alone,
    When you said goodbye to me
    I bought you a pen to write with
    I play your favourite song
    I tried to buy time to work things out
    But all I bought was wrong 9 months ago

    Goodbye to the town we lived in
    Goodbye to the place we met
    Goodbye to our future
    Goodbye our regrets
    Goodbye to the grey streets
    I say goodbye to us
    I say goodbye to you
    I say goodbye to love

    Jump back when you call me
    I counted 1,2,3
    I wondered were you all alone,
    When you said goodbye to me

  2. 2

    Seven Acts of Mercy

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    Seven Acts of Mercy

    Water for the thirsty
    The hungry are fed
    Clothe the naked
    Bury the dead
    Harbour the stranger
    Visit those in need
    Minister to the prisoner
    There is no greater deed

    Seven acts of mercy
    Six are not enough
    Seven ways to show you care for everyone you love
    Seven times as stronger
    Every second of the day
    But if there's one thing to remember
    Show some mercy everyday

    Can you give to a taker?
    Can you take what you give?
    Can you love someone who hates you?
    And forget and forgive?
    Charity's outdated
    Replaced by lust and greed
    Break out the tides are sailing
    We always take more than we need

    (Repeat chorus)

    If there's one thing to remember
    Show me some mercy everyday!