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Brand New Album!

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I am currently working on my 2nd album. Another collection of my new original songs. I’m anxious to find out how my new album will go down with my family, friends and all the lovely people who have bought my debut album. ‘The Brethren’ play the songs soooo well & it’s a joy to hear them create their own unique individual flavas.

This album, due out in 2015, will be named ‘Beautiful’. Recorded with my band at Brownhouse Studios, I’m truly blessed to have Luke Smith, my keyboard player (and joint producer of this project) on board for this new journey.

This new album is another chapter of my musical creativity, with inspirations from my daughter, my husband Danny, and other personal experiences, which all add up to this eclectic mix of songs. My great friend and lyricist CJ Ranger has brought, yet again, her skills in some of the songs.

I’ll keep you posted when it’s comes forth.