1. The Brits with James Bay 2016

  2. Pizza Express with Adam Goldsmith, 2015

  3. David Gilmour, ‘Today’, Official Music Video

  4. Singing Bv’s on Hootenanny 2015 with Boz Scraggs

  5. Louise and her Brethren on Ont Sofa, 2014

  6. Louise and Jools singing Valentine Moon, 2014

  7. Singing ‘Hot Right Now’ ITV’s Stepping Out

  8. Singing ‘Run’ on ITV’s
    ‘Stepping Out’

  9. In My Dreams – James Morrison ‘Jools Holland’s Hootenanny

  10. Toblerone advert

  11. Singing BV’s for Leroy Hutson with Third Degree at O2 Indigo

  12. NAPT “Make My Day” Official Video (Vocals)